Find The Right Food For Your Dog

Pets are considered a part of one’s family. This is true for all pets but there seems to be something inherently unique about fogs. Dogs have long been a favorite pet for those who are single, married and those with families of all sizes. This is why caring for your beloved dog is important. You want the absolute best of everything for your loyal furry friend and family member and one of the most important decisions in their overall well being is choosing the right Healthy dog food.

Healthy dog food is the most essential part of keeping your dog happy and healthy. The wrong dog food can wreak havoc on your dog’s overall health. This can cause health issues such as poor skin and coat health, bad teeth, foul breath, intestinal issues and a host of other issues that could become serious medical ailments over time. This is why more and more pet owners are leaning towards being far more concerned about what they feed to their dogs.

Each breed and size of dog has their own special set of nutritional needs. This is because no two dogs, just like people, are the same. This is why dog owners must do their research and seek out the best and healthy dog food available. This is perhaps the best and easiest way to start your dog towards a long and healthy life.

It is heartbreaking to lose a pet and when you opt for healthy dog food from the start or make the switch as fast as possible; you are helping to ensure your loyal companion stays with you for as long as possible. The basis for healthy pets truly starts with healthy food.


What Is The Raw Pet Food Diet?

Many pet owners still have doubts about feeding their dog a diet of raw meats, bones, vegetables, and fruit and it is easy to understand that if you have been feeding your dog packaged and processed food for as long as you can remember. Read on to see what some of the experts have to say about the pros and cons of a raw pet food diet, which actually has become more popular in recent years, as pet owners realize just how healthy and tasty it can be.

How did the “raw pet food” concept come about?

Greyhounds that were used for racing were at one time the only animals that followed a raw pet food diet. Eventually, Ian Billinghurst, a vet, suggested that dogs should follow the BARF diet. BARF was short for bones and raw food. The acronym could have also stood for biologically appropriate raw food.

What made people believe that pets would have benefited from such a diet?

Billinghurst believed that if there was a diet for dogs that could be traced to a time when they ate what they initially ate, then they would thrive. He believed that if dogs ate raw meats, fruits, and veggies, then they would reach optimal health than if they followed the common domesticated diet. The idea of a raw pet food diet is thought to have come in 1930.

What is the controversy about this type of diet?

Just like any other kind of diet, there are pros and cons surrounding the raw pet food diet. Some experts believe that the right way to feed your dog is to feed them packaged dog food. Then there are experts that believe the only true healthy way to feed your dog is via the raw pet food diet. Below are the pros and cons of the diet:


• Great for the coat and skin
• Teeth are cleaner and healthier looking
• Increased energy levels
• Shorter bowel movements

If you want your dog to have cleaner and better-looking teeth, skin and coat, as well as shorter bowel movements and more energy, then consider putting them on a raw diet.

The Cons

• Bacteria may be present in raw meat
• Dogs can easily choke if they eat a whole bone
• An unbalanced diet can be harmful to your dog if maintained over a longer period.

If any of those disadvantages are too much for you to handle, then don’t consider putting them on the diet.

Dog owners must, therefore, consider the positives and negatives of raw dog food and come to a conclusion whether their dog would be able to keep up with raw food – and most importantly, benefit from it. Remember, all natural dog food isn’t ideal for all dogs. Certain dogs may not respond to raw food as well as other dogs, and your dog may belong to the non-responding clan. Therefore, keep these things in mind before you take or do not take the raw pet food route.

Common Uses For Finished Compost

Once you’ve put in some of the hard work in learning how to compost and waited for the right amount of time you’ll have your finished compost material. So, what will you do with it now? Well, there are several great uses outside of simply laying it down on top of your flower beds. Some of these are practical daily uses while others are a bit more specialized.

One thing you can do is make a tea with your finished compost. This isn’t for drinking though. To create your “compost tea,” simply add humus to a water-tight container then fill it up with water. Let the tea “steep” for a few hours to a few days. Once this is done, you’ll want to put it through a fine screen so you can collect any debris. This creates a liquid fertilizer that you can then spray on your plants or on the other areas of your garden.

You can also use compost to help stop erosion from spreading. You can lay it down thickly on any area that’s eroding or you can mix it with some water to create a thick slurry that you can then spray on the area that’s in danger.

Finished compost, known as humus, is used as a final layer over the top of a completed landfill. This helps your new plants grow without much erosion if any. Your finished compost can also help revitalize endangered wetlands or create new ones.

There are also traditional uses for this in your garden, planting bed, and any other place where plants and vegetables grow. If you’re starting a new compost bin you can use this in place of a layer of topsoil for your base. Farmers use a lot of mature compost because it helps the environment and reduces the amount of garbage that finds its way into a landfill.

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